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  1. “If it were up to me, I’d be knee deep in the fashion industry slinging the hottest new looks.” 




LOL – Guess you found my LinkedIn profile. I wrote that bio a few years ago when I was totally frustrated. I didn’t want to answer phones… I wanted to shop and be knee deep in textiles. 


At the time, I was obsessed with the “Sky” brand. In the stores, we’re talking about a $300 + per piece average. 



Since I’m not independently wealthy and too introverted for Only Fans, I NEEDED a way to feed my addiction. Shit… No way I’d trade retail therapy for a retirement savings. DON’T JUDGE because, a yellow and purple top with a jeweled tiger showed me the way.


That Sky tiger – which was a fashion NO – NO – Un-Knowingly became the 4Boho spirit animal! You see, it was college football season in my house, and I just inadvertently purchased a Sky top with LSU colors and a jeweled tiger… #GoGators


So, I wandered over to eBay with my designer LSU jersey.


I’ve done the whole buy sell trade thing & I’m no stranger to thrifting. The entire 4Boho Denim Purse & Bookbag collection comes from me stalking *The Orlando LocalThrift Stores.  


Woah… That felt good to say.


My neighbors wouldn’t be caught dead in a neighborhood with thrift stores. I can hear the girls now… “Oh Kelli, is that safe?” (OR) “Eww, you touch that stuff” – Then look at me funny like I don’t have hand sanitizer and wash our clothes in the lake.


Anyway – 

For the next several years, I was getting paid to look AMAZING!


Buy – Wear – Sell – Repeat


I was having a blast buying finding and wearing designers for pennies on the dollar. Oh, this looks cute together – get dinner – go out then… SOLD! On to the next one. 


Buy one – sell one was fun for a while. 

Then we moved to Laguna Beach California.


“It never rains in southern California”


Well… It may not rain however, it’s COLD AF in comparison to Florida. I went from tiny shorts and tops to mucho layers.  I knew I was in trouble when I was standing at the corner in my boyfriend’s hoodie and the girl next to me was in a bikini.


We were both headed to the same beach.


Since I REFUSED to spend all my California days in sweats, my fashion vibe evolved into something completely different. Mornings typically started around 45 – 55 degrees so, my outside experiences started around noon when the temp was a little more respectful.


My new So-Cal winters was brutal… To be honest, I considered any day that didn’t start above 75 degrees winter -> #FloridaGirl

We hit the malls, with no luck UNTIL I found a Forever 21 clearance outlet. When I say clearance… I MEAN CHEAP! Forever 21 is already inexpensive but this was next level CHEAP. $20 + items were like three to five bucks. 


Guess who found her eBay mojo again! 


I’d buy like 50 pounds of clothes keep a few and sell the rest. My profits weren’t as big as they were with the designers BUT… Forever 21 turned my Buy – Wear -Sell cycle into Buy, Buy, Buy -> Sell, Sell, Sell!


Sun dresses and maxi-dresses became my second skin. As my designers became more and more irrelevant… I began channeling my inner little girl again. 


When was the last time you spun around and fell in love with the way your outfit felt? An evolving closet need new accessories. Something to compliment my forced long knit sweaters and maxi obsession.  Doc Martins typically kept my feet warm. 


Fancy designer clothes have a way of making you feel confined. In my new layers, I felt naked under the sheets. I couldn’t wear my new layers wrong. I felt like a Boho Hooligan. A hippie with a Chanel bag… BOOM BITCHES.


Not you. 

The BITCHES who only give you the side eye


I’d compliment you or at least give you a hello smile.



All the other pretty things? 



I LOVE when someone compliments my outfit. I’m like “Oh THANK YOU… I got these at Here for this much and this top at There for this much.” 


Girl… Don’t play with me. I will talk about fashion 15 hours a day, 7-Days a week! Yes only 15-Hours a day because a girl need her 8-Hours and a nap. NO APPOLOGIES – Entrepreneur privileges. 


I LOVE feeling like the cover photo. Even if it is just when I pass the mirrors in my house. Yup. Getting dressed is one of my hobbies.  Having the courage to start taking and posting pics became my boutique.


Side Hustles Matter


  • We created #TheOrlandoLocals because, business could be personal. 


  • Networking and collaborations could be fun. 


This is fashion and we’re all artist. Art should be seen & shared. The Orlando Locals is for EVERY Fashionista trying to feel beautiful with her friends. When I sell an outfit, I think about you being happy. I daydream about people telling you “I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT”.


Tell them where you got it and wear your smile like your favorite designer.


Now, let’s talk about your hustle.



Boho Hooligan

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